Collection of recipes from family & friends

Mexicali Spaghetti Pie


8 Oz. Cooked Spaghetti 2 Tbsp. Minced Onion
2 Eggs, beaten 2 Tsp. Chili Powder
1 Lb. Ground Beef 1 Tsp. Garlic Salt
3 Oz. Cream Cheese, Cubed 1 Tsp. Oregano Leaves
1/3 Cup Ketchup ¼ Tsp. Black Pepper


  1. Combine spaghetti and beaten eggs.
  2. Pour into buttered 9″ pie plate.
  3. Brown and drain ground beef.
  4. Mix in cream cheese and ketchup until blended.
  5. Add remaining ingredients and mix well.
  6. Spoon into spaghetti shell.

Bake at 350º for 15 – 20 minutes.

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